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The Negative – 2 days $395

Exposing/developing for maximum density and detail where you want it most.This workshop is designed to demystify any ill notions of exposure with film photography.

Learn how to 'read' a negative. Learn how to work towards consistently correct exposures. Learn how to develop film PROPERLY and consistently.

You will be introduced to the zone system. Most importantly you will understand when and how to adjust your technique regarding exposure and development, and form a basis of thought regarding proper judgement.

You may use your hand-held light meter or your in-camera meter. Your camera must be able to be used in full manual mode and (aperture priority is fine also) and must have ISO over-ride (enquire with us if unsure).

Bring a selection of negatives to view and discuss. Also bring your camera, handheld meter, sunscreen and a hat.

Please see the main 'workshop/courses' page for the specific dates this workshop is being offered.

For any enquiries contact Enrico Scotece:


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